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Wireshark Training at IT Skill Classes

You can learn how to use Wireshark, the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer, in a variety of ways. You can take an online or in-person class, read tutorials or books, or watch instructional videos. Wireshark Training courses can provide professionals with the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot, analyze, and diagnose network issues. With Wireshark training, you can easily master the fundamentals of packet analysis and learn how to use the software effectively to uncover security issues and investigate problems on your network.

About Wireshark

Are you looking for a Wireshark training class? Wireshark is a powerful and free network protocol analyzer that is used by many organizations for troubleshooting and monitoring network traffic.

A Wireshark training class can be the perfect way to learn how to use the software and get the most out of it. These classes are offered both online and in-person, and can be tailored to your individual needs.

During the training, you’ll learn the basics of network analysis, such as understanding packet headers, capturing and filtering data, and creating custom displays. You’ll also learn about the various protocol types and applications (like HTTP, FTP, and DNS) and how to interpret them using Wireshark. The instructor will provide hands-on exercises and activities to ensure that you understand and can use the skills you learn.

Once you’ve completed the training class, you’ll have a better understanding of how Wireshark works and how to use it to troubleshoot network issues. You’ll also be able to quickly identify and diagnose network problems, as well as analyze and report on network performance.


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